Webinar Series


The overall aims of the webinar series are to highlight the research on aging at McMaster University
across several health research topic areas and disciplines, with a focus on patient engagement tools and
resources and the impacts of patient-oriented research in aging.


  1. Enhance the awareness, knowledge and skills of diverse audiences (e.g. researchers, community
    partners involved in research, older adult research partners, trainees, health decision-makers, other
    OSSU Centres) to conduct patient-oriented research in aging.
  2. Facilitate partnerships and collaborations across diverse audiences and showcase ongoing
    opportunities for multidisciplinary research and engagement opportunities in aging.
  3. Simulate a virtual panel discussion and create an interactive online discussion for diverse audiences to
    share their perspectives, successes and challenges as well as key results in all aspects of their research
    in aging, implementation of research in aging, and patient engagement tools and frameworks on
    research in aging.
  4. Foster knowledge generation, exchange and translation across multiple research areas in aging and
    for diverse audiences, with a focus on capacity building, patient-oriented research, and issues in equity,
    diversity and inclusion.

Target audience

Researchers and trainees. Not exclusive of diverse audiences including other OSSU Centres and SPOR-
funded entities, researchers from other institutions, older adult research partners, community partners,
knowledge users and stakeholders interested in research in aging and patient-oriented research in

Scientific lead:

Brenda Vrkljan

Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science

Staff support:

Allison Dubé

Project Manager, MIRA

Email: ​warda2@mcmaster.ca

Jennifer Salerno

Research Associate, School of Nursing

Email: salernoj@mcmaster.ca

Trainee support:

Shera Hosseini

Post-Doctoral Fellow,
Department of Family Medicine

Email: hosses@mcmaster.ca

Past Webinars:

Engaging and partnering with older adults in the MIRA Collaborative: implementation and evaluation

Date: June 2, 2021

Speakers: Drs. Rebecca Ganann, Julia Abelson, Maggie MacNeil and community partner Penelope Petrie

Pivoting a large-scale aging research initiative due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Date: February 26, 2021

Speakers: Drs. Brenda Vrkljan and Marla Beauchamp, School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University