Learning Modules

The Collaborative is developing a series of online learning modules for researchers and trainees on the
design, implementation, evaluation, and scale-up of patient-oriented health interventions in aging.
Modules will draw upon relevant research as case examples to highlight important concepts, videos and
apply theories and frameworks in patient-oriented research on aging.

Module: Scale & Spread of Health Interventions

The Scale and Spread of Health Interventions module discusses the process of scaling up health interventions and introduces a number of methods, tools and frameworks that inform the process. The purpose of the module is to provide researchers and trainees with the knowledge to successfully plan and scale-up effective health interventions.

Meet the experts:

Kathryn Fisher

School of Nursing, McMaster University

Jenny Ploeg

School of Nursing, McMaster University

Larkin Lamarche

Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University