Kathryn Fisher

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, McMaster University


Kathryn Fisher, PhD

Kathryn Fisher is an assistant professor in the School of Nursing at McMaster University. She is actively involved in shaping the undergraduate nursing curriculum as it relates to health sciences and evidence-informed decision making. Kathryn’s research focuses on chronic illness and multimorbidity in older adults. She is currently using her expertise in quantitative analyses to analyze population-level data with the goal of answering questions about the prevalence of chronic illness and multimorbidity, changes over time in disease prevalence, how multimorbidity shapes healthcare service use or other outcomes, measurement issues, and socio-demographic and other factors shaping the relationship between multimorbidity and service use. Kathryn is interested in improving clinical trial methods, with interests in linking quantitative results with those from implementation science, designing trials to support large-scale implementation, and linking patient-reported data with administrative data.

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