Collaborations and Partnerships


Promote collaborations and partnerships which facilitates, connects and integrates activities across the province, that engages patients, researchers, clinicians, policy makers and other health system stakeholders, and builds capacity for Ontario to champion evidence- and value-informed decisions for health care improvements.

Current work in progress:

  • Enhance existing and create new partnerships and collaborations in aging
  • Knowledge translation event and platforms to leverage expertise, elevate aging research and cultivate a future generation in aging research


Maureen Markle-Reid

Professor, School of Nursing

Maureen Markle-Reid is the Scientific Director of the Aging, Community and Health Research Unit (ACHRU) and Professor in the Department of Nursing at McMaster University. She is an internationally-recognized researcher in the area of health and economic evaluations of complex health and nursing interventions. Her program of research focuses on the promotion of optimal aging at home for older adults with multimorbidity and to support their family caregivers, as well as refining methods and measures for determining the effectiveness of interventions and translating effective interventions into clinical practice.

Admin support:

Alison Outtrim

Program Coordinator, MIRA


Staff support:

Jennifer Salerno

Research Associate, School of Nursing


Audrey Patocs

Research ​Manager, MIRA (on leave)


Gésine Alders

Research Coordinator II, MIRA

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