MIRA | Collaborative for Health and Aging

The MIRA | Collaborative for Health and Aging is the newest research centre in the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU) network formed by the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) and the McMaster School of Nursing’s Aging, Community and Health Research Unit (ACHRU). The Collaborative is a part of the OSSU’s network of 15 health research centres across the province that provide scientific knowledge and support high quality patient-partnered research with the goal of improving health and the health system.

Our Goal

The goal of the Collaborative is to build capacity and advance Ontario’s health care system by using an integrated, coordinated, and people-centered approach. The Collaborative seeks to strengthen Ontario’s capacity in patient-oriented research and improve health system performance and patients’ experiences by advancing the science of patient engagement and methods and tools in patient-oriented research in aging. By addressing the unique needs of older adults and their caregivers through resources, consultation supports, data access, and technical services, the Collaborative will position Ontario as a leader in patient-oriented research in aging.

Patient Partners

The MIRA | Collaborative for Health & Aging is designed to support patient-oriented research in aging. We aim to engage older adults as patient, caregiver and public research partners in all activities of the Collaborative to ensure that the needs, perspectives and aspirations of older adults are reflected in our work. Our Approach: Building Capacity…

Our History

Two established research platforms of McMaster University collaborate to address the diverse needs of Ontario’s older adult population and fill the gap in aging expertise for patient-oriented researchers in Ontario. Older adults range in age from 65 to 105 and represent widely varying health and social needs, yet this growing cohort is often grouped in…

Organizational structure

The Collaborative’s organizational structure draws upon expertise from researchers, knowledge users, trainees, patients and caregivers, and staff.  ​It ensures that objectives are realized, resources are well managed, and the interests of all ​stakeholders— members, partners, and end users–are protected and reflected in key decisions. ​Governance structures and systems are as follows:  Click on the bubbles bellow for…

Our Funder

The MIRA | Collaborative for Health & Aging is one of the 15 research centres that makes up the Ontario Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Support Unit (OSSU). These organizations work together, and in concert with the OSSU Coordinating Centre, to provide Ontario’s health system stakeholders with the infrastructure, scientific knowledge and technical support needed to conduct…


The Collaborative currently engages trainees (post-doctoral, doctoral and masters) in the areas of patient engagement, patient-centred innovations and capacity building. Trainees have contributed to several activities of the Collaborative including the development of the systematic review and online learning module and the evaluation of capacity building activities.