Patient Partners

The MIRA | Collaborative for Health & Aging is designed to support patient-oriented research in aging. We aim to engage older adults as patient, caregiver and public research partners in all activities of the Collaborative to ensure that the needs, perspectives and aspirations of older adults are reflected in our work.

Our Approach: Building Capacity

We recognize that getting to know our patient partners is paramount to optimizing our approaches and ensuring positive engagement experiences. We have developed a virtual forum, where we as researchers, trainees and staff can learn about the unique aging lens our patient partners bring to the Collaborative.

Meet our Team of Patient Partners

Tina Falbo

Tina Falbo joined the MIRA | Collaborative for Health & Aging in 2019. She is a McMaster Humanities Alumni and retired teacher from the Hamilton Wentworth School Board. Tina was a full-time caregiver to both of her elderly parents for several years until their recent passing. She has an interest in healthy aging as well as a genuine desire to make a difference and improve the lives of older adults. Tina is interested in sharing her experiences and learning from a formidable team of world class experts.

Joyce Luyckx

Joyce Luyckx joined the MIRA | Collaborative in 2019. She enjoyed a career as a senior executive in finance and held several management roles in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Joyce is a co-caregiver of her elderly parents and recently assumed the role of care partner to her spouse. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was an active volunteer at Maple Villa Long Term Care Centre in Burlington, ON. Joyce is a firm believer in continuous learning and she is interested in improving the lives of older adults as well as understanding how research can positively shape and address the growing needs of the aging population.

Donna Weldon

Donna Weldon joined the MIRA | Collaborative in 2019. Volunteer work has always been important to her and, pre-pandemic, Donna was engaged in a number of volunteer activities. As much as she enjoyed that work, as a retired health professional, Donna missed the opportunity to learn new things and exchange ideas with colleagues about research. The Collaborative offers her this opportunity as well as the chance to apply her knowledge, skills and experiences to influence policy impacting older adults.

Penelope Petrie

Penelope Petrie joined the MIRA | Collaborative in 2019. She is a retired teacher and a lifelong learner. Penelope is a volunteer with a number of organizations in Hamilton and McMaster University that focus on issues impacting older adults. She joined the Collaborative because it offers several opportunities to learn about aging research, influence health policy, and promote healthy aging. Penelope’s goal is to ensure best practices are being implemented in communities in need.