Our Funder

The MIRA | Collaborative for Health & Aging is one of the 15 research centres that makes up the Ontario Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Support Unit (OSSU). These organizations work together, and in concert with the OSSU Coordinating Centre, to provide Ontario’s health system stakeholders with the infrastructure, scientific knowledge and technical support needed to conduct patient-oriented research, and to inform and implement more effective health policy and clinical practices throughout the province.

The Collaborative supports and facilitates relationships with older adults, researchers, health system decision-makers and health care providers across Ontario to accelerate patient-oriented point-of-care improvements that are based on evidence and co-designed with older Ontarians, frontline providers and policy makers. We continue to build capacity for the province and support researchers and other stakeholders to conduct patient-oriented research by developing
resources and supports and offering consultation services.

Supports we can provide:

  • Access to Data Platforms and Services
  • Methods Support & Development
  • Health Systems, Knowledge Translation and Implementation
  • Real World Clinical Trials
  • Career Development
  • Consultation and Research Services
  • Patient Engagement in Research

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